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Fabiana Vizzani Reis

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AKA: Sestante Art
Born in Roma - Italy - 13/5/75.

Actual profession: Artist and Gallerist manager at Sestante Art Gallery.


2023: Manager of new Sestante Art Gallery and Atelier - Cascais

2021: Master in Art and Culture at Rome business school.
2021: Collective exhibition Barcelona 1.0, Art Metropole Europe, ArtBox/Project.

2020- Degree of Cultural management and Museology at “ EADL/DDF”- Barcelona, Spain.
2020-2021. Portugues degree of Art, Sculpture, History of Art and art curator at CSA - Cascais School of art, Cascais, Portugal.

2019: Collective SwissArt exhibition ArtBox/Project.
2019: Collective exhibition Miami2.0 – Hotspot Winwood -Art Basel Week - ArtBox/Project.
2018: Collective exhibition New York 1.0 ArtBox/Project.

2018: Solo exhibition at Erva Art Corner, Lisbon.
2017: Solo exhibition “Per aspera ad astra “, Sestante Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.
2017: Inauguration own gallery: Sestante Art Gallery and atelier.

2017: Course of Gold leafs application at Fabrica Moderna, Lisbon, Portugal.
2017: Collective exhibition ¨Pangea¨ at Abraço Art gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.
2016: Solo exhibition “Mulher sem filtro” at Parede do Artista - Hotel do Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal.
2015: Co-curator of ¨Esquina da Arte¨- Urban art gallery at Itaim, São Paulo – Brazil.

2001-2015: Pupil in great artist masters ateliers as: Antonio Peticov, Ivald Granato, Gregorio Gruber, Sergio Gregorio at São Paulo, Brazil.

2012-2015: Degree of Liberal Art at Panamericana School of São Paulo, Brazil.

2001-2013: Curator, gallery manager, marchant and cultural management at IQ Art Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil.

2000 - Bachelor degree in law at “La Sapienza” Roma University.

1994 - High school degree Liceo Classico T. Tasso Roma – Italy.

The Artist
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